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Tuesday, May 04, 2010

ABC giving LOST finale 30 more minutes!

As if tonight's episode "The Candidate" wasn't enough Lost to blog about for one evening...

Now comes word that ABC will be expanding Lost's series finale by an extra thirty minutes. This gives "The End" a full two and a half hours to wind down what many already consider to be the defining mythology of dramatic television.

What prompted ABC to embiggen "The End"?

The producers of ABC's hit drama have shot so much crucial material for the show's hugely anticipated series finale that the network has agreed to extend the last episode by an extra half-hour.

When the "Lost" finale airs Sunday, May 23, the episode will run from 9 to 11:30 p.m. The overrun will air instead of the local news, with the "Jimmy Kimmel Live: Aloha to Lost" post-finale special remaining at 11:30 p.m. ABC is expected to announce the plan on Tuesday night's episode of Kimmel.

The night before "The End" airs, ABC will also broadcast the pilot episode that first aired on September 22nd, 2004, as one of those "enhanced" editions that pops up factoids about the story on the bottom of the screen.

I don't know if there's going to be anything like Lost that I'll be watching again anytime soon, seeing as how I'm so extremely finicky about how I choose to devote my precious time on television. The last time a show captivated me this much, it was Babylon 5 more than ten years ago. If there's nothing else on the horizon, this might be the most zeroed-in on the boob tube that I'll be for a long time to come...

...so at least for the weekend of May 22-23, I'll get to go out with a bang :-)


Todd W said...

I like listing, grading, and ranking things, so the closer Lost gets to the end, the more I'm comparing it to Babylon 5 too. However, I don't remember Babylon 5 ever being quite this cryptic (except maybe for the Vorlon content), this frustrating, and with this many threads hanging at the last minute.

Unless Lost can pull off a miracle in these last 4 -- eh 4.5 -- hours, I don't think it will replace B5 as my #1 favorite show. But, who knows, maybe it will blow me away & become #1 or at least secure it's place as a close #2.

But, if Lost takes a nose dive, it might forever taint my opinion of the series overall, the way the last half-season of Battlestar Galactica did and the way the last 1.5 seasons of Gilmore Girls did. Whether I continue to love this show in reruns or whether this show makes me a jaded, bitter TV watcher, a lot is riding on these last few episodes. I do not see how they are going to pull "it" off, and I'm not crazy about having to wonder whether they can pull "it" off or feeling like there's an "it" that they do have to pull off. With the final episodes of Babylon 5, they had already pulled everything off. All they had to do...was say goodbye. :(

Geoff Gentry (aka xforce11) said...

Well I miss the episodes. I go to bed at 10 b/c I get up at 5:30. I'd be worth nothing going to bed around 12. So I guess I'll watch it on that Monday.