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Tuesday, May 04, 2010

"The Candidate": Post-episode reaction to tonight's LOST

I'm going to be as un-spoilerish as I possibly can be after seeing this episode...


Goin' be LOTS of people all kinds of angry and crying tonight after watching "The Candidate". The Intertubes might just burst from the wrath being poured into keyboards between now and the next several hours.

At least with Blake's 7, Terry Nation waited until the absolutely final episode of that show to force viewers to watch the main characters gets killed off one by one. Lost still has four hours left before its final moments: what the $&@# could showrunners Cuse and Lindelof possibly have left to hurt us with?

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Whether alive or dead or undead, John Locke just can't stop playing with C-4. Jack has finally and firmly emerged as the man of faith: exactly the mirror opposite of what he started out as. And it was great to see Anthony Cooper again...

...but it was Hurley's breakdown in the final moments which is still resonating mightily in my gray matter. That... and one very particular tragic moment that we saw before the final commercial break... said it all.

Has any other show done so magnificent a performance at building up characters that we've come to care for, only to force us to... to watch as that happened to them?

Well played, Cuse and Lindelof. Well played.

But it's not "The End" yet.

And we shall see what lies "Across the Sea" next week.

Until then, "The Candidate" would get a 10 out of 10 from this viewer... except that it broke clean off after pegging the needle so hard.