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Sunday, May 23, 2010

LOST series finale was one for the ages!!!

Dear Damon Lindelof, Carlton Cuse and everyone who has been involved with Lost during the past six years:

That was time well spent. All of it.

And in "The End", you brought it to a perfect, astounding and beautiful conclusion.

The greatest praise that can ever be given a story is the sense that the reader or the viewer is coming away from it a better person than he or she was before picking up the book, or tuning in to the show. And that the story now belongs on the shelf with the others, to be brought out again and enjoyed many more times in years to come.

Lost made me think a little more, cry a little more, laugh a little more... and it's leaving me a better person. And I shall certainly enjoy rediscovering this story and these beloved characters many, many more times during the rest of my life.

Best. Series. Finale. Ever. And just as Lost should, it leaves one having to think things through, even now.

To all of you on the west coast: you have no idea what awaits you. Nothing in your wildest dreams can prepare you for how good "The End" is.

But I give you fair warning now: keep the tissues handy.

To everyone involved with Lost: Thank you. You have delivered the greatest mythology that the television medium has ever produced. Thank you for bringing us along for such a remarkable journey.

This is Chris Knight, Lost viewer and blogger since 2005, signing off on the last post-show reaction to a Lost episode that I'll ever write.


Anonymous said...

Agreed. Best Finale EVER. Just.... wow.

I am at a loss for words.