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Monday, May 24, 2010

Nine hours after "The End" of LOST...

...and I am still stunned and numb by how powerful and poignant that was.

I don't mind sharing this at all: the closing minutes of the series finale of Lost, very beautifully articulated many of the hopes that I have come to have across my life.

If you want to know what Chris Knight's image of Heaven is like, that final scene inside the church is pretty darned close: reunions, reconciliations, rejoicings... and moving on together.

This finale hit me in places that I didn't realize needed hitting upon. Lost on the morning after, and somehow I'm feeling more appreciative. More thankful. More hopeful.

This was only the second television series that I've followed this intently in my life. The first was Babylon 5. And in the end both of these shows brought me to tears for all the right reasons. But I don't know if anything has been as emotionally jarring as Lost became. Maybe that's because I watched it through all the way to the end with more lifetime behind me to make me consider it more.

Honestly don't know what else to say about this folks. I am just plain overwhelmed by this story and its magnificent conclusion.

Anyone else feeling it too? :-)


Anonymous said...

yep, 24 hours almost and still sad over the end of Lost.

I was doing ok towards the end of the show but when Vincent showed up and laid down next to him, I was NO more good.

Gosh, what am I gonna watch now.....

Todd W said...

The Lost finale has been on my mind a lot too. The more I think about it, the more I understand the ending. In fact, Christian Shephard's 2 or 3 lines of dialogue explain it well enough that I'm kind of baffled that a lot of people commenting online at blogs & reviews don't get it (some people are thinking everyone on O815 were dead from the beginning, making the *entire* series purgatory).

The action on island was very exciting even if the whole water/light/cave/cork stuff was a bit vague & hokie. And, I love the use of Vincent and Jack's eye close-up to bookend the series.

I had prepared myself so well for the lack of "answers" that I didn't mind so much when we didn't get any. I was also really enjoying the character reunions in the sidewaysverse right up until we find out what they're all about. I may warm up to the final twist later, but for now, I am not crazy about those last 8 or 9 minutes.