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Monday, June 14, 2010

Introducing the solar-powered lightbulb

I wanna say "Looks good on paper, buuuuuut..."

Nokero, a company in Hong Kong, has developed a solar-powered lightbulb with an eye toward markets in developing countries. The N100 solar LED lightbulb "is about the size of a standard incandescent bulb and has four small solar panels in its rainproof plastic housing. Five LEDs and a replaceable NiMH battery inside provide up to four hours of light when the device is fully charged. People hang it outside during the day and then turn it on at night." According to the company, using the lightbulb around the equator will give it a better charge than those in more northern or southerly latitudes. The LEDs are said to last 50,000 to 100,000 hours while the solar panels are good for 10 years.

One bulb is $15. But for $480 you get 48 bulbs.

A solar-powered lightbulb. Truly we live in the age of wonders! :-P


qemuel said...

Hmm...I cannot determine whether this cute little Dalek is saying "OBEY" or "EXTERMINATE!"