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Monday, June 14, 2010


Star Wars: The Old Republic is looking so good that I have quietly but seriously wondered if this is going to be a real video game at all. What if it's just a front for a "covert operation" by George Lucas to sow the ground on a fertile part of the Star Wars mythology that hasn't been done yet? So far we've seen Star Wars: The Old Republic trailers, online comics, extensive bios and background material, at least two hardcover novels to be released later this year...

What if Star Wars: The Old Republic is like what Shadows of the Empire was in 1996: everything that comes with marketing a video game, without an actual game?

(Look, Star Wars conspiracy theories are few and far between. Indulge me a bit willya? :-)

But while we're waiting for the game itself to materialize on store shelves, BioWare and LucasArts have just released a new Star Wars: The Old Republic trailer at E3 2010. Check it out!

Dang. That looks as good as anything we've seen in a live-action Star Wars flick. Maybe even better. Dare we hope for a CGI-rendered Episodes VII-IX someday?

If Lucas writes it and gives it to BioWare to animate, I'd buy a ticket for that (something I didn't even do for the Star Wars: Clone Wars theatrical release).


Scoke said...

This is not gameplay footage, and it will not look even close to this.

Stopping a lightsaber with your bare hand? That's going too far.

Honestly, this just looked like a deleted scene cut from Episode III's Jedi Purge. Why are they making the KOTOR universe look like the Clone Wars? There's so much more they could do with Star Wars... So much more.