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Sunday, August 01, 2010

Question for anyone who's playing STARCRAFT II

Is this game really that good? I'm thinking of getting it.

And should I play the original StarCraft first? Believe it or not, for all of the original's legendary renown, I've yet to play it.

(I'm way behind on my video games. I still need to finish Batman: Arkham Asylum sometime. Not to mention Halo 3: ODST.)

Anyway, StarCraft II looks incredibly promising. Just wondering if it's worth dropping sixty bucks for it, or if I should wait :-)


Silverbeast said...

Chris run NOT walk to Walmart this minute and get the Starcraft Battlechest. It has the core original game and the best addon Blizzard made for it. You've had 12 years to play best computer game in history. You have no excuse :)

JohnJ said...

My brother is a Starcraft fanatic, and when I asked him if he'd gotten it yet, he said he was going to wait until they work all the bugs out first. I thought that was a good point.

AfterShock said...

From everything I have heard about it, it is an excellent game. Definitely get the original StarCraft Battlechest at Wal-Mart though and play through it first, like Silverbeast mentioned.

I will warn you though - the AI was vastly improved in the Brood War expansion pack...I consistently get my butt handed to me by the computer in it - especially if the luck of the draw has them as Zerg.

This coming from someone who lost countless hours at Elon to that game. :)