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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Salvation: Plain and simple

I haven't reported much lately about the nefarious goings-on of local cult leader Johnny Robertson and his "Church of Christ" (which again, has nothing to do with the real Churches of Christ). Number of reasons for that, not the least of which is that I've been quite busy this summer with ummm... "other projects". And because as one good friend noted: Robertson and his cronies (and the bisexual criminal that they give so much business to) aren't really worth getting into a huff over. That I've got bigger and better things in my life. Heck, Yours Truly was the most-watched person on television across the continent of Australia last night! And this blog gets many more more - and altogether a better quality - readers than the cult gets viewers. That's been enough to make me content...

...But I couldn't resist posting and sharing this next item, because it is a positivalutely brilliant and exceptionally clever point.

A reader named Jessica e-mailed me the following thought this afternoon:

"Johnny Robertson makes salvation complicated for simple people. Jesus Christ makes salvation simple for complicated people."
Very, very true.

And that's something that doesn't just pertain to, as one person put it, "Hypocrites On Parade". It applies to a lot of people.

It's something to think about for anyone who believes that we have to somehow "earn" or "merit" our salvation by being perfect in every way imaginable. When in truth, such a thing is simply not possible!

God isn't waiting for us to be "correct" in our spirituality, in our doctrine, or whatever. God is waiting for us to do nothing more than to desire Him and to cry out for His grace... because without that grace alone, we are lost.

We are taught from scripture that "Ask, seek, and ye shall find." That is a promise. To those who seek, however it is that they might be seeking, they will certainly find. Maybe not to our own satisfaction, but certainly to God's.

Who are any of us then to complicate the matter with our own expectations?