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Wednesday, January 05, 2011

For anyone claiming to have "the only true church"...

"No Christian theology can claim to speak the last word about God and God's relation to human beings and the world. Every theology is at best a limited, fallible, provisional attempt to speak of the living God of scripture whose truth, justice, and compassion are beyond the very highest and best we can imagine."

-- Shirley C. Guthrie

That quote was discovered by by a good friend today, and I just had to post it here. If for no other reason than because too many people have the audacity to believe that they possess "the one true church" or "the only way" to be a "real" Christian... when they forget that their utmost wisdom is in fact far less than foolishness to God.

(Hat tip to Crystal Risbon for a great find :-)


Anonymous said...

I highly recommend Guthrie's "Christian Doctrine" (from which this paragraph was taken. It's an excellent and balanced introduction to theology, done from a Presbyterian perspective.