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Monday, January 10, 2011

God taught me something this weekend

And that being: God often does not show us what challenges He has set before us...

...but He always does prepare us to meet those challenges when we get there. Often in ways that we can't possibly appreciate until we have overcome them.

Am I speaking of my having bipolar disorder and how I am now writing about it on this blog? Somewhat, yes. But in looking back over my life, I now see that there have been many such challenges.

Would I have allowed myself to be confronted with them, had I known of them in advance?

In all honestly... maybe not. I'm not sure that I would have. I know that I wouldn't have endured the bipolar had I know what it would cost me.

I might write about this also: how in retrospect I see that God was moving me, was guiding my path until I was in a place He desired for me to be, irrespective of my own desires.

I may not have liked it. But, He did equip me for when I was brought to that place. To all of those places.

And knowing that and being thankful for that now, is something that I do plan to draw strength from during whatever other challenges He might set before me.


grame said...

I for one am and will be eternally grateful that God does not require preregistration for any course in life that will cross my path. In hindsight, I would choose everything the same if that was what was required to have the intimate relationship with my Heavenly Father, His Son, Jesus(my redeemer and righteousness), and His Holy Spirit that I consider more valuable than breath itself.

Your openness is evidence of your trust in Him.