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Friday, July 15, 2011

Come to the 2nd Annual Popcorn Sutton Tribute Acoustic Jam!

He passed away more than two years ago, but Marvin "Popcorn" Sutton's legend is bigger than ever! The famous moonshiner's acclaimed likker is now being sold legally (yup, according to Popcorn's own secret recipe) and thanks to the Internet and documentaries on public television and the History Channel made while he was with us, Popcorn Sutton has become admired by more people than ever before.

And next month we'll get the chance to show our appreciation for the man and his life at the 2nd Annual Popcorn Sutton Acoustic Jam. This tribute event will be August 6th at Smackers Sports Grill in Waynesville, North Carolina (a sweet lil' town that I have had the pleasure of visiting many times over the years).

Look! Craigslist event posting!

Come and enjoy an evening filled with music and good food while celebrating the life of legendary moonshiner Popcorn Sutton. Bring your musical instruments and bring a dancing partner for a fun-filled time! Attending the jam will be Popcorn Sutton's wife Pam so come on out and meet her! Don't forget to bring a chair!
And there's a Facebook page for the event, which as of this writing has 84 people down as attending. Heck, with numbers like that already, I could see Popcorn Sutton becoming the focus of a weekend-long festival in the next few years! Bet it would draw people from all OVER the world too :-)

Lord willing, I plan to be at this thing. I'll always regret that I never got to meet Popcorn Sutton in person, but at least in this small way I can show my appreciation for the man.

Thanks to Michael Gemme for the heads-up!


Michael Gemme said...

Hey Chris glad you are coming and I told ya I would not forget you on this event!! See you folks there!!

Michael Gemme said...

Looking forward to meeting you Chris!
I told you I would not forget to keep you posted on this one!!! And you are right it should be a festival. Seeing how the guy is an American Icon and a Legend. He was for years the reason people came to Western North Carolina. Not to mention the Documentaries he has appeared in. You would think it would be a celebration of the WNC heritage. See you the 6th my friend!

Michael Gemme said...

He Chris guess what the town of Maggie Valley is opening the Festival Grounds to this event!!!!! What great move by them. In my opinion people that are looking out for all wonderful business in Maggie Valley and sharing the rich heritage. That speaks volumes and is giving back and is huge recognition of a American Icon. This Disable Vet is applauding this recognition!!!!!!!