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Monday, July 18, 2011

THE DARK KNIGHT RISES teaser trailer is online!

And that ain't even the best look at Bane that we get in the first trailer for The Dark Knight Rises! That comes at the end of the one and a half minute-long glimpse of next year's surefire megahit.

Yes friends, Warner Bros. has officially released the trailer online (which you couldn't see until now unless you went to see the last Harry Potter movie over the weekend, which I didn't, so this is new to me too).

My only gripe is that this is going to be the last of the "Nolan-verse" Batman... which is easily my most favorite Batman continuity ever! I'd hoped that Warners might have let Nolan's work be the springboard of an ongoing series, sorta like its own James Bond franchise. But we've had two excellent Batman movies from Christopher Nolan already and I've no doubt that he will end this trilogy in fine form!

Anyhoo, there it is. And if that YouTube link disappears, you can still find the teaser pretty much anywhere.


Mack said...

Holy crud! Bats' ears have been torn off! Tom Hardy as Bane is going to rival Heath Ledger's Joker. Yeah you heard me. Batman is in for a world of hurt next year.