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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Have been busy lately

Not much time for blogging, 'cuz your friend and humble narrator has had his hands in all kinds of projects! And then again there's been so much nonsense happening in the news lately, it's been hard to pick and choose what to comment on.

(Hey all you politicians in D.C., there's a really easy way to stop worrying about the debt ceiling: quit making more debt!! Sheeeeesh must a guy with a blog have to come up with everything for you people?!)

Okay well, expect more good stuff in the next few days or so. And to kick it off, how about something beautiful? No not more Lauryn, even though my cousin is still the most awesomely sweet official pinup girl that this or any other website could possibly have. But rest assured, Lauryn will be back soon ;-)

Time for something a lil' different. Here is Kristen this past weekend, at the reception for a wedding that she was maid of honor in. Along with her ne'er-do-well rogue of a boyfriend...

Is that enough of a tease for all two of this blog's faithful readers? :-)

More soon, including hopefully a review of Captain America: The First Avenger!


Brian Fesperman said...

It's good to see a smile on your face, my friend!

Marc said...

"Captain America: The First Avenger!"

Starring Kristen, I hope.

Chris Knight said...

She's certainly the heroine for *this* hero :-)

Kristen said...

Marc: If I was a star in Captain America, I wouldn't be sitting here in an office cubicle :p

Chris: Awwwww... you're making me blush!