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Tuesday, October 04, 2011

If this is what "Occupy Wall Street" is about, I gotta agree

Have to confess that until tonight I haven't seen any rationale at all for the "Occupy Wall Street" protests going on right now in New York City. I mean, isn't part of the American dream having the freedom to get as rich as you want to be from honest hard work and taking risks and making investments on those risks?

Let me be more succinct: in my mind, the Wall Street protests are being driven by activists determined to bring about socialism, to the detriment of industry that has allowed this country to boast the highest standard of living of any nation in recorded history.

Is our country perfect? No... and it never will be either. There's always going to be room for improvement. But socialism has never proven itself in the long term to be a viable model and we would be wise to remember that.

However, tonight I was sent this video and, I have to agree with at least this young man who has made himself part of the demonstrations on Wall Street. Because he's not advocating socialism at all. Instead he's speaking in favor of honest government and a sound economy build on actual money... and not the fiat currency issued by the Federal Reserve!

I dare anyone to watch and listen to the following, and not be persuaded that this guy is 1000%, absolutely RIGHT!

It's 8 and a half minutes long, and some mature language... but well worth viewing.

Thanks to good friend Eric Smith for passing this along!


Scott Bradford said...

He's 100% right on basic government structure, federalism, state's rights, and fiat money vs. real money.

I would argue that he's completely wrong on military production and foreign policy:

1) Military production isn't any better or worse than any other kind of economic production.

2) International trade is a good thing, and for it to work properly we need international stability and economic freedom. Toppling dictators and totalitarians, through force if necessary, is beneficial in the long term (though potentially damaging in the short term).

So I give him (and Ron Paul, who holds the same views) a score of 80% on my accuracy meter ;-).

Though at this point I'd take dead-wrong foreign policy for a few years in return for a resurgence of basic American federalism and sound economic policy...