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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The last Lauryn photo

Here it is: the post that I have somewhat dreaded having to make because it's going to plunge a lot of single guys out there into tears.

Lauryn, my ravishingly beautiful cousin (okay, "second cousin" if we're going to be technical about it) who has served as The Knight Shift's official pin-up girl for the past few years, was married to her boyfriend Jason over the weekend! I'm so very happy for the two of them, even though this blog is losing one of its biggest attractions!

(But hey, I lose a poster gal and I gain some family: not a bad deal, and I've another single lady waiting to be the next beautiful attraction on this site :-)

So here it is: the very last pic of Lauryn that I foresee posting on this blog (barring family reunions etc.) Fittingly it's of her being escorted by her father at her wedding...

Congratulations Lauryn and Jason! And may God bless you all the days of your life together :-)