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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Fan-made BIOSHOCK movie trailer channels all the right vibes!

Okay, I gotta ask: am I the only fan of BioShock who is not really all that jazzed about BioShock Infinite? Because unless that game solidly connects to classic BioShock, I just can't see counting this upcoming game as part of the canon (no offense to Ken Levine). To me BioShock is and always will be about Rapture: that mysterious city on the floor of the northern Atlantic, envisioned by Andrew Ryan to be the ultimate escape from a world surrendering itself to socialism and corrupted religion... before it all went horribly wrong. And there is sooo much more storytelling left in the classic BioShock franchise. I mean, BioShock 2 brought us to, what, 1968? Now you know that eventually the American and Soviet governments are going to come looking for Rapture. And when they do...

Well anyhoo, until we get a proper BioShock 3, behold this awesome fan-made trailer for a BioShock movie, featuring Bobby Darin's "Mack the Knife" as appropriate background score!