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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Turkey Frying... IN COLOR!

Kristen's brother Scott Bradford was a witness to the turkey deep-frying on Thanksgiving two days ago. While maintaining a safe distance (and maybe more than that) he shot some terrific video of the action. Scott edited it together and now for your viewing pleasure y'all can watch the searing heat and tormentuous oil in all its glory!!

Scott also posted the video on his own blog, and he testifies to the exquisite and juicy taste that in a turkey can only be achieved by frying it.


Marc said...

Question: Cant you get and use a taller/bigger pot for frying the turkey? I think there would be less chance in the oil overspilling what with the rim of the pot much higher.

Chris Knight said...

It's certainly something that I've been looking into getting. Maybe soon :-)