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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

MAN OF STEEL trailer, and the last one for STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS

I've a theory: Benedict Cumberbatch is playing Khan Noonien Singh. In the post-Kelvin altered timeline the Botany Bay was found years earlier than it was in the original Star Trek series, and Khan wound up working for Starfleet's black ops. Then years later he comes back for revenge for something or 'nother and that's when he and Kirk will tangle for the "first" time.

But if he's an entirely new character, I'm down for that too. Either way from the looks of this final trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness, it's gonna be a toad-strangler of a movie!

Meanwhile the new trailer for Man of Steel swooped onto the Intertubes a short while ago...

I will believe this Superman can fly :-)

And this movie has had some of the most beautiful trailers that I have seen for a summer tentpole in a long, long time.


Anonymous said...

While Superman looks just too cool, what are your theories on what is seen in freeze frame of the Trek movie trailer, at mark 1.16/17?

THAT visual stopped me in my tracks.

Chris Knight said...

I'm feeling both stoked and cautious about that. When I saw it my simultaneous reactions were "Good LORD look at that!!" and "Oh geez they're NOT doing more time travel again are they?" 'Cuz it sure looks like a Sovereign-class starship...

I dunno. Maybe another Federation ship from the original timeline went through the same black hole that Spock's ship did and came out in the new one as well?