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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tammy Tuesday this week is love at first sight!

Last week my mini dachshund Tammy became one year old!  I don't care what her age is: she'll forever be my baby.  I'm always calling her "Tammy the pup" (okay, along with other nicknames like "Tammy the Troublemaker", "Tammy the Terror", "Tammy the Tripper" and too many others to count...)

But this week marks the one-year anniversary of the first time she and I met.  And the first time my eyes fell on her, I was madly in love with that fuzzy little ball of concentrated cuteness!

So I thought that for this installment of Tammy Tuesday, I'd post photos of that very first encounter between Tammy and I...

Tammy and her litter-mates

It was four weeks later that I got to bring her home. Y'all can't imagine how eager I was to have at long last a female miniature dachshund to run around the place :-)

I still can't get used to that mischievous little grin she's always had.  Even since that first meeting, Tammy has looked like she's smiling.  Or smirking.  Or something.  She certainly lives up to it!

Well, it's been one year with my girl.  Here's looking forward to many more to come ! :-)