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Sunday, March 22, 2015

AAAAAANNNDDD... We're back!!

So... the blog has a new look.

Not all thanks to me, no doubt.  I had help.  Thanks/blame Brian Fesperman, "Weird" Ed Woody, Stephen Shumate and maybe a few others for encouraging me to keep my sanity during this process, especially just today as some serious kinks were worked out of the new template.

Please note that the redesign doesn't have the post's full text on the front page.  You have to click the "Read More" button on the right of each entry.  If I had known it would look this pretty, I would have done it like that a long time ago.

There's a responsive menu at the top of the page.  Play around with it, see what you find!

The sidebar is tabbed.  Which if you remember the previous sidebar, this one is also much easier to navigate around.

And certainly most obvious is the photo slideshow.  I'm going to do what I can to keep that updated in a timely fashion.  Looks beautiful, aye?

A little fine-tuning still to go, but otherwise The Knight Shift is officially re-skinned.  Hope you all enjoy it :-)


Kyle said...

Wowsers!! Very nice. Professional throughout with that Chris Knight charm.