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Monday, March 23, 2015

Something funny I've discovered about this blog...

During the past few days I've come to learn a lot about my own blog.  F'rinstance, according to Google's statistics this site is getting many, many more visits than have been accounted for by the site's meter.  How many more?  Well, let's just say the actual hit count is now well over two million, if I've figured it right.


There's a "tags" tab in the sidebar, containing the names of labels for posts given them.  But I've gone so crazy with labeling that there are too many to reasonably include in the sidebar!  So I spent the better part of an hour last night going through them all, picking out which ones to have show up.  The most important criteria was how many posts each label had.

It was... enlightening.  Some labels genuinely surprised me at how many times I had used them.  I won't say which but there was one in particular that I had to include, when otherwise I probably would not at this point in the blog's evolution.  But those posts are still there, and I'm not going back to delete them, so have fun figuring out which label I'm referring to.

And then there is the popular posts tab that is the default when you go to the blog.  For years now I've been telling everyone that there are three items that consistently draw the most traffic to this blog: ghost photographs, visiting a Seventh-Day Adventist church, and Popcorn Sutton (about his life but mostly about where to buy his moonshine).  Go figure.

Some didn't believe me when I said that.  But there's the proof!  Ghosts, visiting a church, and moonshine are the top three draws to The Knight Shift.  That ain't looking to change anytime soon.  Good lucky finding that moonshine!