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Friday, March 06, 2015

I gotta get this out of my system...

$7.49 for a box of one-dozen original glazed.

What.  The &%$#.  Is WRONG.  With you.  Krispy Kreme. ?!?

In a different time and a better reality, those were something that all and sundry enjoyed to no end.  Not anymore.

They used to be a dollar a box.  And then two dollars.  Just a few short months ago it was five bucks and change.  Now it's closing in on eight dollars a dozen.

Donuts should not be luxury items.


Anonymous said...

Are cheap donuts a constitutional right? Maybe we should put together an amendment and submit it to Congress for consideration... ;)

Chris Knight said...

It's a great idea, except this Congress is doing diddly-squat anyway :-P

Thespia said...

That free market, though.