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Tuesday, June 26, 2018

President Trump has become Thanos!

Or is that "Tranos" or "Thrump"?  Well anyway, the idea for this hit me a month or so ago and I spent most of the morning committing iPad Pro and Apple Pencil toward making it happen.  Obviously a homage to the classic cover of The Infinity Gauntlet #4 from 1991:


Julie said...

Well done! He should snap his fingers and make the CNN building vanish.

Anonymous said...


"MAGA Comics." "Approved by the Electoral College." Nice touches. Good job.

RaJay said...

Exceptional work. Mind asking what apps you used?

Chris Knight said...

It used to be a number of apps but lately I've been using Artstudio Pro almost exclusively. It's a bit expensive so far as apps go ($15) but EXTREMELY versatile and packed with tools. This graphic was made entirely with Artstudio Pro. I'll recommend it.