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Tuesday, February 16, 2021

New article at American Thinker: Disney's cancelling of Gina Carano

I have a new article up at American Thinker this morning.  "Cancelling Gina Carano: Work Worthy of an Evil Empire" addresses what happened last week in regard to Disney firing one of the lead actors of its series The Mandalorian (image: Disney).  Gina Carano made a post on social media that some allege was anti-Semitic and overly controversial.  But was it really?  Especially in light of the fact that others associated with the Star Wars franchise have made statements just as "controversial" and saw no repercussion.

In short: was Carano let go because she leans conservative?

As always, comments are welcome.


KevinRD said...

Excellent article Christopher!! Did you hear that Gina learned she was fired after it was posted on social media? They didn't have the guts to tell her personally. I think Kathleen Kennedy is the one who fired her. Kennedy has DESTROYED much of the good of Star Wars. She's probably bitter and jealous of how good Mandalorian is and she doesn't have much to do with it.

Chris Knight said...

Yes, I did hear about that: that Carano only found out about her firing because it had been published on Twitter etc. It makes me that much more disdainful toward Disney. This sort of thing could have and SHOULD have been handled with much more appropriate professionalism.