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Saturday, March 19, 2022

Lenten Blogging 2022: Day 18

 I probably wouldn't be so fired-up ANGRY about this if I hadn't been a swimmer in high school...

Above you see a photo of Emma Weyant.  She's been a swimmer on University of Virginia's team.  She also earned silver as an individual during the Olympics.  And in a sane world she SHOULD be recognized as the top women's swimmer in America.

Instead that recognition goes to someone who was ranked 500-something last year in men's swimming.  And then "Lia Thomas" (real name William Thomas) decided that he was a woman.  Even more so, that he was eligible to compete in women's swimming.  And the University of Pennsylvania decided to indulge him that fantasy.

"Lia" proceeded to blast all competition out of the water (almost literally speaking).  With the musculature and endurance of a male biology, no woman has been able to compete with Thomas.  It has been as lopsided a competition as there has ever been.  He has become the number one ranked women's swimmer in the country.

"Lia Thomas" has made a complete joke out of the sport of swimming.  I'm not saying that Thomas shouldn't be swimming at all but he is a MAN and he should be swimming against OTHER MEN.

Thankfully, it seems that more people than not are supporting Emma Weyant and recognizing her as the one true women's swimming champion.

Mash down here for more about this travesty of college athletics.