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Sunday, March 20, 2022

Lenten Blogging 2022: Day 19

 A week ago I wrote about watching season one of The Chosen: the crowd-funded series about the life of Jesus and His followers.  It's been on my mind a lot during the past several days, especially how magnificent the cinematography is.  Like I said earlier this is camera work that is HBO premium television quality.  The casting is excellent and the performances are endearingly genuine.  This is a show that sucks you in and makes you wanting more.

Well, I just finished watching The Chosen's second season and I continue to be amazed.  Opening up with a time jump not unlike those from Lost, volume two resumes where the first season left off.  It isn't long before new characters are introduced and we see earlier ones get fleshed out even deeper.  I think it's safe to say at this point that my favorite character has to be Matthew: the obsessive-compulsive former tax collector who seemingly documents everything.  Indeed, it's the colorful backgrounds of the disciples that is most fun to watch play out (who'da thought that Simon the Zealot was an MMA fighter?  Either that or he came straight out of the Matrix: the dude's got moves).

I can also identify much with what Mary Magdalene has gone through.  Season one's first episode made it pretty clear that she has been demonized by mental illness, and Jesus heals her of that.  Something happens in season two that triggers a "relapse" of sorts, one that Jesus forgives her for.  As one who lives with bipolar disorder, it was a reminder that my illness itself is not a sin.  Though it has led to things I regret happened.  But, His grace is sufficient, right?

Season two is just astounding.  I really hope that this show will go the full seven seasons that have been plotted.  Season three has been completely funded and Dallas Jenkins and his crew are already taking donations for season four.  Season three is bound to be a whopper: there is a character introduced in the final episode of the second season who... let's just say I guessed pretty early on who this was going to be, and I was right and it made me shriek when he said what his name is.  It's going to be VERY interesting to see how that particular character is developed.

As noted before, you have some options when it comes to watching The Chosen.  I downloaded the app from the Apple App Store and it's also on Google Play.  I've been watching it on my iPad but have streamed a few episodes to my high-def TV.  They are also selling the series on Blu-Ray, and I've decided that it deserves some space in my library.  Check out the official The Chosen website for more.  As well as for contributing to future seasons, which I have decided is worth it.

I want more now!  Oh well, there are two Christmas specials that I still haven't seen, but I'm going to wait until December to watch those.