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Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Last batch of AI-generated pictures that I'm posting

But it's time to move on.  ChatGPT has its fun uses but it's a tool, not a toy.

I would be lying if I said that I haven't had fun though.

So, here is the final bunch of artificial intelligence generated "art" that I'm putting on this blog.  Be sure to click the pics to enlarge them...


The Joker with a "Hello Kitty" bomb:


Eowyn, from The Lord of the Rings (I especially like the horse detail on her outfit):


Santa Claus with a flamethrower:


"The Horror of Taxation":

Young Al Capone:


Jesus confronting a Dalek (this was made for a friend who teaches Sunday school and I think he was going to use it for that):


The Hamburglar and his attorney (I tried to make this be Perry Mason but the AI refused to cooperate that well):

I told ChatGPT a few details about "wholesomely beautiful woman" and this is what it produced.  I like this picture a lot... except the eyes are so lopsided!

Second version of Colonel Robert Baden-Powell, founder of the Boy Scouts, fighting zombies:


I told the AI to generate "Indolence" and this is the result:

A Big Daddy from the BioShock video game series (very nearly identical to the actual in-game model):


Lyndon Baines Johnson as a Cenobite from the Hellraiser movies (decide for yourself if there's some commentary in this):


A Space Marine of the Ultramarines chapter (from Warhammer 40,000) battling a xenomorph (from the Alien film franchise):

 John Fitzgerald Kennedy had he lived to be 75:


And finally there is this interesting piece.  I instructed ChatGPT to "generate an image of a brown gorilla throwing barrels at a plumber with a mustache".  That's all I prompted.  This was the result:

At least, I intend for this to be all of the AI art that I am going to present on this blog.  I'm learning a lot from it though.  How to be an "AI whisperer" as one friend puts it.  You have to possess a bit of a creative mind to defeat the "guardrails" of the system.  I was completely shocked by the Donkey Kong image, and friends have created even more impressive pictures.

Anyhoo, hope you enjoyed these :-)

Edit: I was able to generate something that's a real grand finale...

Batman clashing with a Predator:


Mikey said...

It's like looking into the mind of a genius madman. Good God! Joker with Hello Kitty is going to haunt my dreams tonight.

Call me Mikey Doesn't Like It

Stosh said...

Looking good Chris!

Carl said...

How did you make Batman versus Predator?

Chris Knight said...

Hi Carl :-) Batman fighting a Predator took some tomfoolery. In the end I instructed ChatGPT to "Generate an image of a character who resembles the dark knight fighting a character who resembles the predator."

You can't just say "make a picture of Batman fighting Predator". You have to trick it in a way that doesn't hit the copyright guardrails.

A Knight said...

I like your taste in beautiful women. But what on Earth is wrong with her left hand? Fingers aren't supposed to do that!

Hey my last name is Knight too. We could be related! I'm in Pennsylvania. Are you still in North Carolina?

Chris Knight said...

Hello A Knight! A friend caught that about the woman's left hand a few days ago.

And you might also notice that Taxation's right hand has six fingers.

Artificial intelligence has problems every so often with fingers and toes and sometimes entire arms and legs. It's gotten much better with ears and noses though.

Chris Knight said...

BTW I'm in South Carolina, the upstate area.

Anonymous said...
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