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Thursday, August 30, 2007

This blog has been Slashdotted! (And guess why?)

So I just got online for the day and guess what I saw at the top of the page on Slashdot:

It's the story about how Viacom claims I'm infringing on their copyright after they infringed on MY copyright! I just took a look at the original post that I made about this and in the last little while it's gone from 4 comments when I went to bed last night, to 20. I haven't read those yet but I'm about to.

So to all of the good folks who are finding their way to this blog from Slashdot: welcome! Thanks for coming! Hope you'll like what you find here :-)


Anonymous said...

I'd like to know if you plan to do anything or if you plan to just let it be.

Anonymous said...

Sorry buddy, you ARE violating their copyright. You used a clip of their show without permission. Yes, they used your video without asking you, but as you put it on YouTube, YouTube and its owners have the right to non-exclusive use of anything you post. Re-read your Terms of Service agreement again.

You lose.

Anonymous said...

I could see where you could win this thing and quite well actually. Ignore the loser who just posted. Everything you did qualifies for fair use.

Unknown said...

...non-exclusive use. If that's the agreement, then Viacom lost right to claim infringement by posting their show when they included a piece of material to which exclusive use could not be claimed.

EFF, has this guy called you?

Anonymous said...

Whether or not HE had the right to use the clip from VH1, depends on where he got the clip from.

Just because someone posts something to the net doesn't make it fair pickin's to anyone that can download/capture/whatever the image, text, or movie.

In the agreement on YouTube, which he had to agree to in order to post, it states they get non-exclusive rights to do whatever they want with what's posted. Meaning, then can tell Bob Barker that it's okay to show a clip on the Price is Right if he wanted to, they just can't sell it - that would imply they own it.

They can, however, enter into a monetary arrangement with another company that allows the second company free access to download whatever they want (like a no-restrictions download agreement).

Since this guy does not, in any way have rights to the clip - even if he got it from YouTube posted by VH1 President himself, he is in violation. Posting on YouTube gives YT non-exclusive rights, not other users.

I truly hope he tries to sue, not to see this guy hurt, it was an honest mistake - just to watch you assclowns that think he can win a lawsuit get shut down.

Anonymous said...

Assclown guy, it's obvious you don't even understand the basics of what happened. Try figuring it out before you make such inane comments.

Anonymous said...

hey man,

I wish you good luck on fighting these idiots! Make a huge dent in them for us! this is absolutely absurd what they are doing!