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Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Light musings on a universal conflict

I most want to do what God would have me to do.

I also want to be happy, and I know that true happiness is only found in whatever it is that God requires of us.

So why doesn't He tell us in no uncertain terms what it is that He does require of us?

But then, if He did, then there would be no such conflict between the spirit and the flesh that each of us possess.

And then, life would become extraordinarily boring.

Could it be that God doesn't lay it all out for us perfectly clear, because He not only wants us to grow spiritually (which can't happen without times of trial and tribulation) but also because He does want us to live fully and vicariously as we grow in our relationship with Him?

Just something that I found myself contemplating since this afternoon. I've been weighing my desire to seek God's will for my life, against the fact that He hasn't been as forthcoming with that as I would like.

I guess, I'm consigned to constantly stumble and fall while seeking His will, and having to rely on His mercy and grace to see me through.

But then, that's the way it should be...