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Monday, April 04, 2011

Question for iPad owners (about Bible software)

Barring any crazy circumstance, I should be getting my iPad 2 next week! Looking forward to having it for... well, all kinds of good stuff :-)

So I've already been planning which apps I should buy for it: the list thus far includes iMovie, Garageband (I've waited five years for the chance to use that program 'cuz Apple doesn't make it for Windows), and the iPad/iPhone port of Doom ('cuz in my book it's not a real computer unless it plays Doom).

There's one more bit o' software that I aim to install on my iPad right out the gate, but I thought I'd pose this to my readers...

What's a good Bible app for the iPad?

It'd be great to find one that has multiple versions available. Other than that, well... I don't know what I should be looking for.

Suggestions? Any would be most welcome :-)


Buddo said...

In same boat as you Chris. I have my LEATHER Smart Cover but no 64 gigabyte 3G iPad! When did you order? I ordered on March 20. I'm also wanting to put the Bible on it when I get it.

Chris Knight said...

A friend sent me an e-mail and had nothing but praise about Logos for iPad, from Logos Software (which will make another friend happy since I know she worked for them for awhile, hey to you too Jenna :-) It's apparently not only very thorough and capable but it's also free!

(I'm just wondering how come nobody has questioned me about putting the Bible and Doom on the same iPad :-P)

And Buddo, I ordered my iPad on March 18th. I was trying to hit every store I could think of in Greensboro for a week after it came out, only to come up empty handed and then ordered from Apple's website. But when it comes it'll be laser engraved (with my name and e-mail address) which you can't get in any store. Just wish I had it to take with me to ActionFest this weekend :-)

Jenna St. Hilaire said...

Haha... I clicked in your comments on purpose to see if anyone had mentioned Logos, Chris. :) I don't have their iPad app, but use their biblia.com a lot since I'm always on the internet anyway.

Good luck, and I can't wait to hear how you like the iPad! I think and think about getting a smartphone or tablet. Expensive, but fun. :D

Geoff Gentry xforce11 said...

I've heard that Olive Tree is good as well. ESV is free.