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Saturday, October 28, 2023

Happy 15th Birthday to FALLOUT 3!

 "War.  War never changes."


It was on this day in 2008, exactly fifteen years ago, that the long-awaited Fallout 3 was released.  And computerized role-playing gaming was never the same again.

This was the first Fallout game that I ever played.  I bought it a few months after it was released.  At that point in my life I was needing something to distract my mind from itself, after a lot of recent events had rocked my world.  I bought Fallout 3 on something of a lark, having heard how much it sucked the player into it.

I am very glad that it did.

At the time I blogged about my journey through the Capitol Wasteland: the grim setting of the gameFallout 3 became not so much a game as an experience.  Something that put you in situations that you share as tales you tell your friends.  To this day I have to giggle whenever I think of going into the Lee Mansion and finding that shrine to Abraham Lincoln down in the basement.  Fallout 3 is rife with little details like that.

I've played other Fallout games since.  Though I haven't finished Fallout: New Vegas (one of these years I will) and Fallout 4 was certainly worth waiting to get a proper rig to play it on.  I sincerely tried to get into Fallout 76 but ultimately it just didn't have the same allure.  And I did eventually play and enjoy the first and second game in the series, which are definitely products of their time and not the 3-D worlds of the third game onward.

Fallout 3 though.. that's the one that I'm going to take with me the rest of my life.  It and I have a very rare connection between a game and its player.  And I'm always going to appreciate that.

Think I'll have the Fallout 3 soundtrack album playing for the rest of the afternoon as I work on some things...



Solomon Grundy said...

"This is Three Dog! Bringing you the truth, no matter how bad it hurts!"

Chris Knight said...

LOVED Three Dog!! It was so much fun listening to his broadcasts.

Chris Knight said...

The world or at least America needs someone like Three Dog right now. Someone who can rally the people, raise morale. A voice to encourage us to keep "fighting the good fight."